“Reform” By Another Name Does Smell Sweeter

Language is power. Let’s promise ourselves that we will never say the word “reform” when it refers to initiatives for our schools mandated by those who have never taught in any school.  Those individuals, regardless of their money or their political power, do not understand what it is to teach and what it is to do the demanding, thoughtful, fulfilling work of helping children and adolescents to learn. Let’s, instead, call their initiatives by their right name: malpractice. 

One thought on ““Reform” By Another Name Does Smell Sweeter

  1. Maybe malpractice is exactly what is wanted so that as more public schools become increasingly maligned, hurt, and underfunded (because money to them is being siphoned off for charter schools), then the Knights of Privatization can snatch up more money and steal more kids, making money off the whole enterprise! Holy Cow! The last frontier: free, quality public education for ALL children.


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