Is The Answer Racism?

Is it because the children are brown that we can, somehow, live with the fact that our government is responsible for 559 children being without their parents, responsible for 559 children without any sense of security?

is it because the 46 parentless children under five years old are not white that we go about our daily lives and don’t knock down the doors of all our elected officials and demand that those little ones be immediately, before sundown, reunited with their families?

I’m just asking.

The Count: 559 Children Without Families

Today, there are still 559 children whom the U.S. has forcefully separated from their parents, The U.S. governments also has deported the parents of 386 of these children.

What will become of these traumatized children?

No one knows.

What can we do?

1, Support the ACLU as it fights in court for the rights of these children who came here with their parents seeking asylum.

2. Speak up about the injustice our government is doing to these children in our name.

3. Vote out politicians who side with the man (Donald Trump) responsible for children awake at night, staring into the dark and having no idea where their parents are and no explanation for all that is familiar to them going away.