Civics 101: Public Trust Will Be Lost If A Perjurer Is On The Supreme Court

The White House announced that only four people, none of them former classmates who have contradicted Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony,  will be interviewed by the FBI. In addition to the four people whom the White House named, the following individuals must be interviewed in ascertain if Brett Kavanaugh perjured himself when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27, 2018:

  1.  Elizabeth Swisher, classmate of Brett Kavanaugh at Yale
  2. Lynne Brookes, classmate of Brett Kavanaugh at Yale
  3. Daniel Lavan, classmate of Brett Kavanaugh at Yale
  4. Sean Hagan, classmate at Georgetown Prep
  5.  Renate Dolphin, public school student when Brett Kavanaugh was at Georgetown Prep
  6. Bill Barbot, alumnus of Georgetown Prep
  7. William Fishburne, classmate of Brett Kavanaugh at Georgetown Prep who managed the football team
  8. Alumnae of Holton-Arms School during the years that Brett Kavanaugh was at Georgetown Prep to check his statement under oath that Georgetown Prep students did not socialize with girls from Holton-Arms.

All of these individuals have come forward to tell what they know. The FBI should begin its investigation with them. The FBI can ask them if it is true what Brett Kavanaugh said about his drinking habits and true about the terms that Brett Kavanaugh said refer to indigestion and drinking games but his contemporaries say refer to sexual conquests. The FBI can find out if Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth to the Judiciary Committee and to all of us in the country who were watching.

Some say that what happens in high school and college doesn’t matter. I disagree. But no one says that perjury doesn’t matter. And no one says that lying in a job interview doesn’t matter. And no one says that the integrity of the Supreme Court doesn’t matter.

There is plenty to investigate by the FBI about Brett Kavanaugh’s  truth-telling or perjury in more recent years.  Manuel Miranda, a Republican aide working with Brett Kavanaugh at the White House when files were stolen from the Democrats, could be questioned. Those who worked with Brett Kavanaugh when he was clerking for the disgraced Judge Kozinski could be questioned to see if Brett Kavanaugh did or did not know of Judge Kozinski’s activities with pornography that caused him to be removed from the bench. Brett Kavanaugh’s emails about judicial appointments while he was in the White House Council’s Office could be examined to see if they support his statements made under oath.

What needs to be determined by the FBI is if Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath.  Events can be lost to memory due to alcohol or due to those events not being anything unusual to the person being questioned. But perjury could be right before our eyes, right on national TV.

Demand of your Senators and demand of the White House that the FBI investigation be complete. Demand that the FBI investigation begin with the individuals listed above.

Determining if Brett Kavanaugh told the truth or perjured himself is essential for the integrity of the Supreme Court.







Right Now Act

The American Bar Association late Thursday wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee imploring the committee to not vote on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh until there is an FBI investigation.

America, the prestigious Catholic magazine which is the voice of American Jesuits, yesterday withdrew its endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

The Judiciary Committee must listen to the religious order that educated Brett Kavanaugh and the professional accrediting body which certifies who can practice law in this country and recommends those who are worthy of judgeships.

Please call your senator early this morning, urging him or her to heed what the ABA and the Jesuits are saying. Call your friends in other states and ask them to do the same. The future of our democracy depends on having Supreme Court Justices in whom we have trust because they have unquestioned integrity and a Senate that delivers on its Constitutional responsibility.