May 20th: Stay Home

Saud Anwar, a Connecticut State Senator and a physician who, as a leading pulmonologist, treats patients with COVID-19 says it’s too early for Connecticut to reopen businesses because it threatens public health. He and other Democratic senators wrote a letter to the Governor opposing the May 20th opening.

The Governor says he is going to follow the advice of his task force and reopen anyway. The physician on that task force is Ezekiel Emanuel who has written that life after age 75 is not worth preserving and that, when he is 75, he’ll no longer have a flu shot or take a prescribed antibiotic because he dismisses the worth of a life after 75.

To whom do you trust the lives of our most vulnerable population? A caring and knowledgeable pulmonologist or a member of the task force who dismisses the value of the lives most at risk?

No one claims that the pandemic is over or that the virus has gone away. The dangers are the same this week as they were last week or last month. The need for caution is the same this week as last week or last month.

The solution is for each of us to make a personal decision to not reopen. Let your hair grow long. Keep making boring meals at home. Wear last year’s clothes. Keep talking to your friends on zoom instead of in person. Meet with your book group, your church, your synagogue, or your mosque online. Tough it out.

Lives are worth saving. Lives of all ages.

Stay home.