Added Proof: The Common Core Hurts Kids

The Common Core State Standards were marketed as serving to “close the achievement gap”. That did not happen.

The designers and promoters of the Common Core determined that standardized test scores would be the measure of achievement. By that limited measure of achievement, the achievement gap increased. As  Results Are in: Common Core Fails Tests and Kids shows, NAEP scores of students whose education was focused exclusively on the Common Core curriculum decreased while NAEP scores for students in affluent suburbs whose education is not limited to test prep for standardized tests increased.

Fairfield University Professor and Network for Public Education Board member Yohuru Williams argues these tests, which are manifestly unfair to the neediest children, feed into racial determinism in American society while closing doors of opportunity for Black and Latino children.

More important than standardized test scores, the quality of the education that students who are educated with a Common Core curriculum have is vastly inferior to the education  that other students in affluent suburbs and independent, private schools have.  The Common Core curriculum does harm to children in their early years in school because it limits their development as thinkers and learners. Similarly, The English Common Core inhibits thoughtful reading, effective writing, and critical thinking.

The true achievement gap of being productive, analytical, competent citizens and workers is increasing. That is the injustice. That is the real harm that the Common Core curriculum is doing to children of color and children of poverty. Shame on us.


One thought on “Added Proof: The Common Core Hurts Kids

  1. Dear Ann,

    Outstanding post! I love the fiery spirit you bring to your writing. It shows how important education and creating a just, informed society are to your heart.

    I miss seeing you and Bill on a regular basis. How is your mindfulness practice going? If you are like me, perhaps moments of mindfulness scattered in with more moments of old behaviors. I think it takes time to really change well ingrained habits.

    Would you be open to reading through my final paper for my Hebrew Bible course? It is worth 50% of my grade which is significant. I went out on a skinny branch with my interpretation and would love to know what you think. Let me know if you have the time and I will send it along. Due date is May 12th.

    Keep on advocating…my future grandchildren need your hard work!

    Warmly, Julie



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