Do Not Be Defined By Loss But By Hope

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As people of integrity who respect our Constitution and the Supreme Court, we seem to have lost the seat on the Supreme Court. That’s for now.

Let us “join our solitudes in the communion of struggle” and begin to know our power to unfold a new world that is now only in bud form.  Let’s build a country based on truth-telling, respect, and empathy for one another. Let’s mark today not as the end of a struggle for the Supreme Court but the beginning of our struggle to build a more just society.

If you want to let Christine Blasey Ford know of your support and appreciation, you can send her a postcard at the following address. Postcards are suggested because, for security reasons, all envelopes are opened prior to her receiving them.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
Paolo Alto University
1791 Arastradero Rd
Paolo Alto, CA 94304

Above is a copy of the front of my postcard. Feel free to use the quote from Denise Levertov. I also wrote my own message of support and gratitude on the flip side.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Defined By Loss But By Hope

  1. Thank you Ann. I will write her. It’s hard to be positive. I am still in tears about how trump went after women in “me too” movement. How dare trump! I am part of the ne too movement and I’d like to slap his face. And susan Collins? Did she need to talk for 30 minutes?

    Sharon Sent from my iPhone



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