Kavanaugh Will Not Have The Last Word

For those of us who have been too distressed to watch the news since the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice who lied under oath to the U.S. Senate, Bill Blum, who is an experienced lawyer and judge, wrote a good summary of what that confirmation has given us as a country. Here are  his five take-aways:

  1. The Kavanaugh confirmation proves once again that the courts, especially the Supreme Court is political.
  2. Kavanaugh’s confirmation signals the triumph of a judicial counterrevolution.
  3. For the time being, white male privilege has triumphed over the rights of women.
  4. Elections matter.
  5.  If Democrats take the House, Kavanaugh will face further investigations and possible impeachment.

Of most importance to me is #3. Blum writes:

” The very fact that the nomination was ever thrown into doubt is a testament to the growing power of women. Eventually, that power will prevail, and we will have no more Kavanaughs or Thomases on the court, or in any other prominent position of government.

This time, however, the power of hypermasculinity and white privilege won out, in keeping with the president’s omnipresent neofascist slogan—“Make America Great Again”—and the false promise it offers to return the country to a fictional past, when successful white Christian men held all posts of authority, and women and racial minorities happily accepted their second-class citizenship.

Trump and his enablers will eventually pay a heavy price for placing Kavanaugh on the court and, more generally, demeaning women and scapegoating minorities. The only question is when.”

May the “when” that Blum anticipates come very, very soon.

And may Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh come to see that the ominous words that the new Justice of the Supreme Court spoke at the September 27th hearing do, indeed, come true: What goes around comes around.


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